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All Roofers are not Equal.

The roofing process can be vary from roofer to roofer.  Many contractors cut corners in order to save themselves money but put your home at risk!

We perform the entire process in a professional manner that includes quality material installed by professional installers according to all industry and town codes.  We do not cut corners and still keep our pricing on the low side.

8 Step Installation Process of quality Owens Corning Roofing Components

At Gensun Roofing, We know it's more than just a Roof

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If you are under the assumption that all Roofers perform a roof installation the same way….think again!

The industry is riddled with incompetent, unlicensed and unprofessional roofers.

It is paramount that you choose a roofer based on their experience and the types of material they use.

At GenSun, we only hire roofers with 10 or more years experience and we only use the finest shingles in the industry: Owens Corning Tru Duration Shingles that come with a minimum of 50 year warranty

Owens Corning Warranty on Roofing Components

We are eligilble to offer you a 50 year warranty on all Owens Corning Material because we use Owens Corning components when installing your roof and we are a:

Other contractors will not use all the required components in order to be eligible for the 50 Year warranty.